Screech owls and bones, fire and flight - the deserts and forests ring with gleeful laughter. Welcome to the unsettling world of 'Hag' - an object theatre installation in an abandoned haberdashery where the ancient inhabitants still lurk in the shadows.

From the familiar to the marvelous - Wild Theatre's work uses familiar objects and materials to create haunting creatures and disturbing, surreal worlds. Tailors chalk and red thread, gloves and dressmaker's dummies, bark and sand set the scene for Baba Yaga's revenge.

A team of international artists created the scenography and dramaturgy including Ewan Hunter, Birte Brudermann, Hannah Marshall, Christine Doerfler and Rebekah Wild.

Entrance to the world of 'Hag' is through the Museum of Dangerous Women, a satirical look at the 'post' in 'post-feminist', questioning the past and the present through personal examples and items from members of the team and invited artists.

If you choose to go further into the woods, you take your chances. Watch out for the small bones underfoot.

Concept/Artistic Director/Performer: Rebekah Wild

Production Manager/Wild Theatre Co-Director: Gerhard Pichler

Contributing artists: Ewan Hunter, Birte Brudermann, Hannah Marshall, Christine Doerfler, Nora Safranak, and Fanni Futterknecht

Musical Score: Hannah Marshall

Lighting design: Bartek Kubiak.

Costume Design: Christine Doerfler

Sound: Vladi Tchapanov

Supported by Wien Kultur and

Bezirksvorstehung fuer den 15 Bezirk

Co-produced by dreizurdritten

While working in the venue to create and install the show, a small community grew up around Agnes Graziosa. Performance evenings included both invited and spontaneous works from artists such as Nora Safranak, Thomas Havlik, Robert Duda, Victoria Quattlebaum and SHRaCK. These evenings and the season of 'Hag' have been supported by an enthusiastic and generous collective of friends, colleagues, artists and technicians who brought the temporary venue at Sechshauserstrasse 28 to life.

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©Rebekah Wild 2015