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"Die Seiltänzerin:

English version

The central character of this children's theatre production is an adventurous young woman Jenny Anderson who ran away to join the circus over one hundred years ago in New Zealand.  Jenny disappeared from history, as many women do, and was rediscovered by a series of accidental meetings and coincidences.  We will weave together the story of her life with the story of her rediscovery, and provide a basis to start discussions with children about our origins, about journeys and dreams, and how important the stories of our lives are. 

To be performed in libraries, schools and with particular focus on children from immigrant families, encouraging them to share the stories of their lives. Using simple language and strong visuals, and offered in German and English. 

"Pinned" is a small scale object/puppet theatre with pins, rope, gloves and skulls, performed by a Hag who arrives unexpectedly in public spaces. Premiered at Suspense Festival 2013, and performed in Wien.

'Hag' is an object theatre installation which was created in an old shop in Vienna, in which the audience were immersed in the surreal world of the lone occupant.

'Stonebelly' premiered at dreizurdritten in Vienna in September 2011 and has since toured to the UK, Belgium and Italy.

"Fishing for Shadows”: European premiere was at Erlangen International Figurentheaterfestival in 2009, and since then it has toured festivals in Europe.

"The Selkie Bride": Originally created at Little Angel Theatre and restaged and toured by Wild Theatre since 2002

"Birds of a Feather" Interactive puppet and music installation

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